Leave room for your imagination and start living your dream. Imagine a cosy chalet, a fireplace because it is so cold outside, an inviting scent of healthy cuisine. When you arrived, you carried with you all the things that afflict you, of all the sufferings you have been carrying around for a long time. When you arrived, no one knew what you had inside and what you were looking for, you probably didn’t know either. Perhaps you were accompanied by a pain of loss, fear, anxiety, depression, isolation or darkness of an ‘interior incompleteness’.  The feeling of being emotionally, mentally and physically inadequate and the poignant feeling present in every moment of your existence is “how do I get out of this?”  Then you arrive in the Magic retreat:  where the transformation takes place. Because when you are ready for a personal transformation, you find yourself by magic in the right place, at the right time. That´s why you are here. When you feel alone and in difficulty, or you are going through a difficult time, or you simply want to join people with whom you have common interests, people with a great desire to live and be reborn and who have something special inside that they can’t express: anything can happen in the Magic Retreat.

This is where all the good starts again and that burning desire to feel positive is satisfied. Little by little you dust off your self-confidence, increase your self-esteem and self-love until you rediscover your beautiful self with a lot of value inside and ready to achieve all the goals you set.

In this special place is where you can talk about anything without being judged by anyone, a place where you should not be ashamed of what you are, because every way of being is simply and wonderfully unique. All this takes place in this small virtual space that offers holistically all the support needed to be able to be reborn, face difficult moments and magically rediscover yourself. There are many activities and you can choose from, many workshops scheduled and sessions of coaching, mentoring, meditation, relaxation techniques, introspection and emotional, spiritual and corporal healing. 

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